st agatha's church Welcome to the website of the Roman Catholic Church of St Agathas, Kingston. Ours is an extensive parish and over the years,  as it has grown, the services at St Agathas, (and especially those at the weekend) have gradually taken on their own identity in line with the uniqueness of our parishioners, comprising individuals young and old as well as multitudes of families.   

Weekend Masses are normally:

Saturday 6.30pm is a service which seems to suit many of our emergency and shift workers within the Parish. Traditional hymns are sung and usually accompanied by one or other of our talented organists.

Sunday 9.00am is a more traditional quiet Mass suiting those who seek a more reflective atmosphere.

Sunday 10.30am is our vibrant family Mass with music and singing led by  singers and musicians with an eclectic array of instruments. Liturgy groups for children of various age groups within the parish often assemble for their own teaching which is undertaken by volunteer parents in the adjoining cloister culminating in a final gathering on the sanctuary at the Offertory celebration.

Sunday 6.30pm is another lively and often joyful occasion,  led by our folk group and choir.  This service appears to attract younger members of the Parish who are single as well as families with grown up children who may also be preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Whichever Mass you choose to attend, you are very welcome to our community and we look forward to getting to know you.  We would also be very grateful for any support you can offer to help develop and enrich our spiritual and social growth. 

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